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The RS500 Cosworth build & picture database . 

Ive been a Rs500 Enthusiast since i first set eye's on these cars back in Aug 1987 , as a young lad i started working for my grandfather in the family scrap metal recycling firm my Grandfather and Father were 100% Ford through & through buying new company cars every 12 months from the local dealer Route One Ford who were a RS Dealer along with H J Quicks , both dealers had the mighty RS500 in .. 
I was lucky enough to have as my first car back in 1986 a S1 Turbo so was well into Rs's when the 500 came about , the MD of Route one and good friend of my Grandfathers was running a black 500 for about 3 months and oh my i thought i will have one of those one day , another car local to me was owned by a good friend of my father’s he was the son of the owner of the Manchester evening news my love of these cars took a even bigger leap when he took me out in it the difference to a S1 was unbelievable ,sadly this car was short lived and I was present when he put it into a bridge on the East Lancashire Road "A580" I was not in the car but following ,deduce what you like from that comment .. 

I progressed thorough the RS Brand, S2 new again in 88 onto saphs still wanting a 500 , ive been a RSOC member 20 years in May started doing shows in the late 80's , i started collecting RS500 info and photographing them around about 1989 , in those days it was reg numbers that were collected two cars stick in my mind E577NCR ( Wayne Hickmans ) & ROJ195 ( Roger Myres ) both cars were in the warrington area both worlds apart one being a show car the other build for track , the general public and even enthusiasts were not privy to the Tickford Build list and there was not a hint of a window switch plaque that some think were fitted at the factory " a brief note here you would be surprised the amount of fake 500's they were in those days" some even selling as genuine cars .. 

in the early 90's the values of all Rs's took a mighty hit and insurance went through the roof , Many 500 owners put the cars away and forgot about them , many cars were sold and i remember cars selling for £8999 "Fact" imagine that now , about that time i still wanted one and viewed many cars some real rough cars from stolen recovered with 3dr bumpers and saph 4x4 alloys to full blown wow out of the box cars , i settled for a 13000 mile ex Collins Performance Demo car E300VKB running over 400 hp ,this was a short lived affair as i was running it every day and no longer had the luxury of the family firm paying for my love as we sold the business a year or two before ,so with heavy heart it had to go , a deal was done with a 18 month old Saph and £3000 IIRC ..Fast forward to My current white car i just did not have the love for the saph "it's a good car" but not a 500 in anyway so again i was searching, was in work and our transport manager was flicking through the old motoring press the rallye one ? , he mentioned a white 500 for sale at a dealers , i called it viewed it and did a straight swap as the dealer fell for the line " the Saph will be easier to sell and the values of Saphs in Glass guide back then were more" , HAHA .. i was a 500 owner again and owned a S1 for every day in all the years ive been driving ive never been Rs Less ... 

I know ive gone on a bit but i wanted to get the point across that i am a genuine enthusiast so thank you for baring with me .. 

Back to the Web Site and the work i do 

Over the last 35  years of 500 Enthusiasm ive met 100’s & 100’s of owners and enthusiasts ,ive seen owners come and go but what remains is the cars. 
as mentioned ive been collecting and compiling info and to date i think this could be the most complete database of the cars in the World.. 
Every car on the Database is checked in every way possible form registration,engine vin & chassis number's , when a discrepancy is encountered with what i have on file before i upload photographic evidence is requested.. 
Ive helped so many people over the years by giving advice , and owners selling to people wanting the right car for the right money ,I dont do what i do for plaudits or monetary gain infant ive never taken a penny even though it's been offered nor would .. 
above all else i remain impartial when issues arise be that a single car or a marque issue , i do my homework and present/upload facts. 
I intend to carry on as a enthusiastic lover of the marque and want the database to thrive. 
I would like to thank all the 500 enthusiasts who have had a hand in the success of www.rs500cosworth.com to date "you know who you are. 

And please be assured that every car i have on file is not uploaded without permission, if you feel it is contact me and i will put your mind at rest as to how it came about and who gave me permission. 
No information is passed onto any 3rd Party. 
And all ID is removed prior to upload.

In 2010 2 cars surfaced publicly I knew about them both prior to this , both cars carried the same chassis number but were in different countries , continents in fact! 
a explanation of how i deduce the cars are correct was the right thing to do.. 
it's not for me to comment on any cars as i want to remain impartial but contact with both parties was established early in 2010 "them coming to me " and both parties are aware of the situation,for the record i knew of both cars prior to contact with myself, but as i say i remain impartial ,not that i will see anyone knowingly buying the wrong car . 
Hence the Picture Database. 

any parties that feel a car is incorrect or feel i may have the wrong information please get in touch , i will ask for documented photography or other proof. 

Remember this database is compiled by a independent enthusiast with no ties to any agencies or clubs, with the exception of being a 20 year RSOC well respected member. 
500 World is a lot quieter  these days cars changing hads privatly and many going into private collections 
ive info on  over 400 cars on my private database dating back over 25 years . 
 people still contact me asking 
People getting in touch about cars for sale 
putting new and old members in new cars 
helping cars sell for values that blow me away . 
new cars surfacing. 

ive helped more people and cars sell all over this planet than i care to remember and have never taken a penny , even though its been offered from cash finders fee's to holiday's staying in members holiday homes!. 

a couple of years ago i received a mail from a party who will remain nameless , asking me to name my price for my database and web site , i was blown away by this mail , i mean what price can you put on 20 years " Then "  hard work and people trust! ? . 

not many people know i own another  Rs500's its public knowledge I did own FMC Development / prototype 003 , the second i bought ,well i dont like to say bought , i have it shall we say , someone i am close too was going through a rough time / poss divorce and wanted the car out of the way , i offered to to buy the car with the option of the owner buying back should things change , this car has engine issues its a sub 50000 mile car standard thats only had a wing in it's life! , i wont divulge the Build , but i paid sub £10000 for the car 9 years ago , i know i could return a hefty profit ,but would never , i spoke with the owner a recently and there is no interest in the car so its now time for me to get it back on the road ! . 

Many people ive helped have gone onto making profit from the cars both buyers and sellers , of the 100's ive helped those who sell and move on lose touch , it doesn't bother me one bit as its the cars that interest me! if friendship comes i welcome that and a couple have remained true pals , but most forget very soon . 

So it's going mad, my site and time costs me ££££££ but it's unlikely i will change .

Darren Barber 

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The information on this web site and the pictures are hosted with permission of the owners at the time of them being took , all data and registration marks are removed for security .