Rs500 Cosworth Database
Rs500 Cosworth Database

Pre Rs500 Build

Awaiting delivery to Tickford 

Pre Rs500 Build 

Awaiting delivery to Tickford 


Pre Rs500 Build 

In the Tickford compound awaiting there fate 


Engine station

The iconic and epic YBD awaits its fate 


Ford YBD Engine 

A close up of the iconic YBD prior to fittment 


Tickford Production line 

Tickford team busy converting the Sierra Cosworth to the Epic Rs500 Evolution model  


Production line 

Hard at work 


Moonstone Rs500 on the Tickford production line 

Tickford Production Line 

Nice shot of the Tickford production line 

Engine swop putting the epic YBD in  


Fitting the iconic Rs500 rear wing 


Sign off , how did it fare ? , was it Ok to sell ? , Despatched , used for AMT Training , parts validation a Photo car maybe   or placed in Quarantine ? . we will never know , all those quotes are found on the hand written Tickford build list .


Toasting the final car Build 500 , or is it ? ;)  


In the compound awaiting delivery to the press or dealers maybe even a race team for the drivers to use as dailys .


All done ready to go 

In the compound awaiting delivery to the press or dealers maybe even a race team for the drivers to use as dailys .


Out side Tickford here we can see Build no 004 along side an unregistered car , can you spot some of the difference thats on 004 a pre production prototype . also in shot a AMT Capri . 

This Epic ic was given to us at the 25th annivesary of the Rs500 , Paul Linfoot Rs500 register for the Rs owners club and i were thrilled to get it as a gift when we visited Tickford .. this web site was the one chosen and permission given for this Picture to be hosted . since then its gone viral .. thats the internet i guess ! . 

Heading out for a life on the road 

so the cars went to various sources , overseas , dealers , race teams / touring car drivers , the press ect .


for sale 

amuses me this pic , brand new £19950 .. gready dealers put a premium on them , this pic  shows a small increase in price from the retail .


1997 Tickford Visit 

A planned visit back to the cars roots , Martyn Lobb , Gurdav Signh & Nick Phelps flying the flag . 


2007 Tickford visit 

2007 Paul Linfoot & i arranged a visit to Tickford , paul laying the ground work with the visit and i asked  a lot of owners who were not part of the club and hadnt got there cars out for some time to come along making for a fab day . 


Finally a press shot , In our opinion this car / reg number was a mock up , if you know different give us a shout .

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